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Design amazing models on your iPhone or iPad and make them real using a 3D printer.

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Modio now on iPhone!

With Modio for iPhone you can now build amazing 3D printable characters and creatures wherever you are. Read more

Meet Dr. Goggles

Make our first ever supervillain with the new release of Modio. Read more


Start making

Build fun characters and scary creatures on your iPhone or iPad using the built-in part library, then modify the parts to make your creation truly unique.

Build just like
in reality

Parts that fit together snap together. If you change your mind, simply drag a part away and throw it off screen.

Create your own or try character kits

Make a scorpion or a ninja using the built-in character templates. Or mix things up and create a scorpion ninja with spikes. And dinosaur skin.

Strike a pose

Pose your creation at will in the app and get a feel for the real life version. All joints bend and twist like the real thing.

Modify Like
Never Before

Mod your parts into something new

Make each part your own with interesting surface textures and shapes. Tap to change the entire part or finger paint your own piece of art on each part using detail mode.

Go big

Print small parts to hold your creation in your hand quickly, or print large parts to really impress. With parts that snap together you can think as big as you like.

Play with others

Share the fun. Full multi-touch support so you can build and mod with others.

Don't worry

Everything you do is automatically saved. Undo and redo at will.

Simple 3D

Optimized for desktop 3D printing

All parts are designed to 3D print well without any rafts or supports. Just print your parts, assemble and play.

Visual 3D printing

Easily arrange your creation into individual print plates for your desktop 3D printer. Simple.

MakerBot Ready

Simply upload your creations directly to the MakerBot Cloud Library and 3D print with the MakerBot Desktop App.

Supports any 3D printer

Download industry standard STL files pre-arranged into print plates that match the size of your desktop 3D printer.

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